We are legal consulting experts for small businesses and large companies. We offer professional legal consulting and law research to ensure your business is compliant, trusted and shielded from liability.

Legal Consulting

We are experts on United States laws. We offer professional consulting and legal advice and specialize in U.S. federal law, traffic law and corporate law.

International Laws

Our partners and contractors can also assist your business with legal consulting in Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, and other countries and jurisdictions.

Financial & Business Advice

Small businesses and large companies rely on our expertise to run their businesses. Our Finance and Business departments can help you run a successful company.

IT Consulting

Let us handle your e-commerce, GDPR compliance, tax regulations and other legal and financial issues for online businesses.

Our team

Our Team

Our full time team includes experts from all fields of law and finance. We have over 100 years of combined experience in these fields and will assist your business in any of these areas.

We also employ outside contractors and partners based on specific work required.

Hiring us gives you access to the best legal and financial minds on the market.